kennedy | class of 2015 | grand rapids, michigan senior session

By AlyssaWagner on October 22, 2014 | comments
Fun fact: I think high schoolers are awesome.

I’m not just saying that… I really do. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t some that make me face palm from time to time (I also feel the same way in regards to my love for cats), but there is something about spending time with a person who is still so full of youth and on the edge of much life change that is incredibly refreshing and inspiring. My time with this lovely lady was no different.

We adventured around Grand Rapids while we chatted of her funny high school memories and a few dreams for the future. We bonded over our fantastically similar taste in music and affinity for totally biffing it while walking up stairs… it was perfect. I remember clearly how hard it was to just embrace who I uniquely was in high school and not try so hard to be someone else, and I have to say, Kennedy carries herself with a confidence and humility you don’t see in many. If you need any evidence, I think it can be found in her willingness to laugh and be goofy with no persuading. As you’ll see ;)

You shine bright, Kennedy. Thanks for trusting me to take your photos and letting me drag you around Grand Rapids and laugh a lot! I had a total blast.

Oh, everyone. Make sure you don’t miss the NEWFOUNDLAND. Please bring all your pets to your session so I can die of joy. Thanks.